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Rejection: the art of not losing it when the pink slip arrives

May 31, 2011

My search begins.

Last week, I sent my first round of queries. Actually, I sent to just one. If she says no, the march goes on. Whew! What’s worse, the waiting or the rejection?

The rejection. It ends all hope. So what can a writer do when the pink slip enters the “in” box? Sulking and sobbing might work. A good long run with your dog can help. A writing friend once told me to send a new query every time a rejection arrives. It’s good advice. Once you shift the energy from negative to hopeful delusion, the day improves.

Most importantly, keep it in perspective. A rejection letter is not; I repeat, not, a death threat. Odds are, you’ll get a few. JK Rowling was rejected over and over and look where she is now. See, hopeful delusion can help! Some writers keep a file for their rejections, while others wallpaper their bathroom walls. Rejection is part of the process. I know, I’ve been through this before. Twice.  All you can do is so keep your chin up and your humor in tact. Then, keep writing.

Here’s to that four letter word: hope!


Blog Roll: what blogs to read, write, and why

May 24, 2011

About a year ago my family took an incredible journey. We traveled to Tunisia and lived with the same AFS family I lived with 30 years ago. We cooked together, laughed together, and screamed at scorpions together. It wasn’t always easy, but it was memorable. We began our travels in London, and for the last week, treated ourselves to the Italian Riviera.

To share the experience, I launched a family blog. The kids wrote in journals as part of their “school” experience, and once a week I’d post their entries. Hearing the comments and news home helped keep us connected to friends and family. Last Christmas, I compiled the blogs and put them in a book for each of the kids.

Besides keeping in touch, blogs are great for your writing process. They keep you accountable to the craft as well as to the editing process. Blogs are free and easy to set up. If you are a writer, or a family member who wants to multi-task your news, start one!

Check out a few of my favorite writing blogs:

-coffee. tea. and literary

-pimp my novel


-bookshop talk




-Nathan Bransford


You can find a blog on almost anything, so don’t feel intimidated to start your own. At the very least, read a few. Just join the party already!