Rejection: the art of not losing it when the pink slip arrives

May 31, 2011

My search begins.

Last week, I sent my first round of queries. Actually, I sent to just one. If she says no, the march goes on. Whew! What’s worse, the waiting or the rejection?

The rejection. It ends all hope. So what can a writer do when the pink slip enters the “in” box? Sulking and sobbing might work. A good long run with your dog can help. A writing friend once told me to send a new query every time a rejection arrives. It’s good advice. Once you shift the energy from negative to hopeful delusion, the day improves.

Most importantly, keep it in perspective. A rejection letter is not; I repeat, not, a death threat. Odds are, you’ll get a few. JK Rowling was rejected over and over and look where she is now. See, hopeful delusion can help! Some writers keep a file for their rejections, while others wallpaper their bathroom walls. Rejection is part of the process. I know, I’ve been through this before. Twice.  All you can do is so keep your chin up and your humor in tact. Then, keep writing.

Here’s to that four letter word: hope!

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