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College Bound Essays

September 28, 2013

Are you or your daughter/son/friend working on college application essays? The following tips may help, but feel free to email me if you’d like specific advice. A finely tuned essay is an essential part of the college package.


1.        Add your voice and passion to the piece.

2.        Use clean, simple language.

3.        Fill the essay with action words (eliminate is/was when possible).

4.        Don’t overload with adjectives and adverbs but do offer details.

5.        Weave in a unique and personal experience to every essay.


Good luck!



Summer’s Over? Say It’s Not So! Okay, Go Ahead.

September 16, 2013

No one likes the end of summer. Every year I fight its demise. But once I feel autumn’s breeze and watch the way Aspen leaves transform into pats of golden butter, I surrender. September in the Rocky Mountains is nothing short of fabulous.

For me, fall brings new energy, and my attention focuses on writing projects. This year there are new starts: I’m teaching at a community college, editing more work for others, and running new workshops. However, after a summer hiatus from working on my manuscript, I’m most excited about my renewed creativity and look forward to the revision process, even if it the 77th edition.

I recently finished reading IMAGINE, by John Lehrer. He researches the creative process by running experiments and interviewing people in diverse fields. A common denominator in his research is evident—highly successful creative people need a break.

Be gone, guilt!

The mind doesn’t function creatively one hundred percent of the time. It needs time to recharge, just like your body might after running a marathon (not that I’ve ever been crazy enough to attempt 26 miles on foot). After a rest, the brain is recharged and can reflect outside the box.

Lesson learned from my summer of fun? It’s worth it. The mind needs a rest. If you’re stuck in a rut, have writer’s block, or are too just damn tired to think, take a break. Results will happen when you return. Trust.