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State of the Union: A Kid’s Perspective

January 28, 2010

Check out that guy, he’s asleep!

Why aren’t those guys standing. You mean if they don’t get their way, they don’t stand? What are they, kindergarters?

Why is the lady behind Obama standing so much? She’s getting way more exercise than anyone else. Her legs are going to be stronger than Ellie’s.

You go Girl, stand again!

Why are the people in the front all in black and never standing? You mean they’re the judges? I’d where pink and green if I was one of them.

Is Lindsey Vonn there? (if you don’t know who Lindsey is, call Ellie)

Hey, he mentioned schools. Does he mean Silverthorne? You mean he just talked about our school on TV? That’s so cool.

Is anyone there who’s not old?

Look at that lady, she looks like a banana.

She does not.

She looks like a lemon.

How long is this going to take?

Seriously, can’t we watch something else?

And adults like this stuff?


Helping Haiti

January 17, 2010

Love Knows No Boundaries…

Although we live a world a part from Haiti, the earthquake hit this mountain town hard. A local man was pulled from the rubble last week. Alive. He was one of the lucky few. I’ve worked with Jim on a few community events, and he is a remarkable, giving person. He was in Haiti doing relief work and fortunately, he’s safely back in Colorado.

Disasters happen, but they hit home when you know someone directly effected. In this small, small, world we have instant access to anywhere on the planet via the internet at any time. We don’t live in a bubble, but rather in hundreds of connected ways. And, we are affected by our actions always. Whether we know it or not.

I was disheartened and shocked when Rush Limbaugh made a public comment telling people not to donate to Haiti. Shame on him for his self-righteous exclusiveness. I believe God is with us all — in our hearts at all times. And our hearts cross all cultural, religious, and economic lines. Someone much wiser than I said “Love knows no boundaries.” Our hearts are full of love.

Please reach out with your heart and help Haiti.