Summer’s Over? Say It’s Not So! Okay, Go Ahead.

September 16, 2013

No one likes the end of summer. Every year I fight its demise. But once I feel autumn’s breeze and watch the way Aspen leaves transform into pats of golden butter, I surrender. September in the Rocky Mountains is nothing short of fabulous.

For me, fall brings new energy, and my attention focuses on writing projects. This year there are new starts: I’m teaching at a community college, editing more work for others, and running new workshops. However, after a summer hiatus from working on my manuscript, I’m most excited about my renewed creativity and look forward to the revision process, even if it the 77th edition.

I recently finished reading IMAGINE, by John Lehrer. He researches the creative process by running experiments and interviewing people in diverse fields. A common denominator in his research is evident—highly successful creative people need a break.

Be gone, guilt!

The mind doesn’t function creatively one hundred percent of the time. It needs time to recharge, just like your body might after running a marathon (not that I’ve ever been crazy enough to attempt 26 miles on foot). After a rest, the brain is recharged and can reflect outside the box.

Lesson learned from my summer of fun? It’s worth it. The mind needs a rest. If you’re stuck in a rut, have writer’s block, or are too just damn tired to think, take a break. Results will happen when you return. Trust.


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