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Sing, Sing a Song

March 9, 2009

Go Everywhere With a Thousand Voices Singing.


You don’t want me singing anytime soon. I can’t remember the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, let alone carry a tune.

My 9-year-old son likes to sing, but I’m not sure anyone would want to hear a thousand voices like his. Tye’s a big kid. Barrel chested and full of life. He likes to sing opera in the morning, just to annoy his sisters. It works.

Do we really want to walk around with a thousand voices in our head? I have enough of my own, thank you very much. “Remember to pick up milk,” “Don’t forget to send that writing assignment by Monday,” “Tye’s practice was moved,” “The time changed too, but I can’t remember when,” “The dog needs more food,” “Haircut was cancelled,” “Confirm the speaking engagement,” “Email teachers,” and the list goes on.

The voices in my head don’t sing. They chatter and whine and sometimes they scream.

So, how do I get them to sing? I wouldn’t mind the chatter if they burst into song. Then again, do I really want the likes of Jim Morrison belting lyrics in my brain? Well, he’s dead, but even Bruce Springsteen might get annoying. Maybe the key is to have a chorus. Maybe a thousand voices in perfect pitch is the answer. It might work if I could find the right voices.

If I could still, just for a moment, the endless garbage rattling around in my head and look out the window to find the chorus, I might have a chance. Chirping birds? Nah. At 10,000 feet, birds are the size of raccoons, and they caw. Perhaps, the wind. The wind whispers lullabies through the tree branches. Except, where we live the wind surges louder than a snowplow. No one should live this high.

What else could be my musical muse?

Simple, if I think about it. Snowflakes, of course! Me and the cold stuff go hand in hand. Ah ha! My holy grail. For me, a thousand voices will sing from snowflakes and drown out my mind’s chatter. Funny, how things are right, smack dab in front of us, most of the time.

I just hope my snowflakes don’t sing like Barry Manilow.