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Emerging Beauty: Post 10 of a 14-Day Quarantine

March 28, 2020

It’s a great time for podcasts! Here are some of my favorites. If you’re not familiar with podcasts, it’s easy to do a search and find one you’ll like: sports, rap, spirituality, news, parenting, cooking, true crime…. Endless! I find listening triggers a different part of my brain, stimulating a different creative spark. Give it a whirl!

Sounds True: Insights at the Edge

The Book Review (New York Times)

Fresh Air

Good Life Project

Shipping & Handling (for writers)

Writers on Writing


Holistic Mental Health and Healing

The Art of Growth- Enneagram Panels

The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

The Ultimate Health Podcast

The Witch Wave

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown


What are yours?

Stay well. Find emerging beauty.




Emerging Beauty: A Dozen Resources to Help Parents and Kids During Quarantine

March 21, 2020

Parents!!!!! Wow- who knew how hard this would be, right? I’ve compiled some incredible free resources for you and your kids. I hope they help!

  1. is one of my favorites. Romper started a fantastic program they call, Operation Storytime. Famous people and writers are reading books for free. Go to social media sites and use the hashtag #operationstorytime to find them.
  2. @savewithstories is similar to the above and sponsored by Save the Children. Use the hashtag @savewithstories and listen to more famous people reading books.
  3. If your kids are bouncing off walls, check out the free games and activities offered by the Cleveland Inner City Ballet. They also are offering free online ballet classes for kids! Kudos to them.
  4. Find Kim Brownsberger McMahon on Facebook! Ms. Kim teaches pre-school in Colorado and launched a free morning storytime, every day at 10:00 (on Facebook). She’s great with kids and encourages them to interact.
  5. https://mattdelapena.comMatt de la Pena: Not only is Matt a Newberry Award-Winning author(!!), but he’s a former teacher of mine and a good guy. He writes a range of books, so check out his website. He also started a “Dear Stuck-at-Home-Student” series, and kids are encouraged to email him. He responds!
  6. offers free projects to learn at home by grade-level.
  7. Writing Barn is a wonderful oasis providing classes for writers. Because of Coronavirus, they are offering free events for writers, but also for kids. This particular link is for ages 8-11, but there are more. Check them out!
  8. Who doesn’t love Highlights (I remember doing hidden picture searches in the dentist’s office)? Their website offers free activities for kids. Check them out!
  9. Audible is offering free some stories. Here’s a link to Scarlett Johansson reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland:
  10. Want to travel but can’t? Check out a virtual tour of National Parks:
  11. More virtual tours! This time of museums and galleries around the world:
  12. More ideas? Here you go… 100 of them!


My advice? Be patient. Give yourself space when you need it. Get outside. Set a schedule if possible, and create variety. You’ve got this.

Stay well. Find emerging beauty.