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Quaint Cottages?

October 18, 2012

In an ideal world, a writer can create delightful prose while living in a quaint cottage by the sea. There, one can write about tulip gardens and sweeping landscapes.

Reality check.

Most of us write at either a desk filled with piles of paper or a kitchen counter crowded with dirty dishes. So, what can we do to find the details we need to make writing real when we don’t have the privilege of living in a bungalow like Hemingway? The Internet, folks.

If you need to visualize a country kitchen, Google it. Perhaps you’ve forgotten that in many such kitchens, people place baskets filled with potpourri and hang them from a shelf that’s been stenciled with wild roses. Your character lives in a metallic world? Research modern kitchens. Who knows? You may find a retro turquoise blender to add to your counter at home. Is your character having a bad hair day? Check out Too old to remember what a kid’s birthday might look like? All sorts of ideas will help you find your party nitch.

The effort to research will improve your writing ten-fold.  Everything’s at your fingertips, so take a look. Maybe you’ll end up with a new hairdo.