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November 2, 2013

Did you know that the dragonfly has two sets of 16,000 lenses? I didn’t.

Imagine being able to sense things in 16,000 different ways. Impossible. Or is it? I absolutely believe that we stifle our senses and often “see” things in a much too limited direction. Animals can detect storms without watching the weather channel, and I’m sure, if we tried, so could humans. It’s easy to cite the reasons for our lack of awareness—busy lives, technology, laziness, fake flavoring et al.. But if we could find five minutes to slow down and sit, we might be able to tune into our own radar. We might not notice 16,000 differences, but maybe we’d notice one.

Try it in your writing. Sit outside and listen. Smell. Touch. See. Breathe in flavors. Taste them. Hopefully you’ll notice something you didn’t before. Add it to your writing. Add it to your life.