Writing Retreats/Workshops

April 5, 2016

I recently attended a fantastic writing workshop/retreat in California.

It’s best summed up by friend and fellow writer’s post that you can read here:

3 Long-Lasting Benefits You Receive from Attending a Retreat

If you’re a writer, I highly recommend attending not just a workshop, but a retreat. They’re good for the soul!

One comment

  1. Carrie, it makes me very happy when you go to a writers retreat, and get so much enjoyment and writing help from it!  You are not only making friends in the writing world, but as you say, “it is good for the soul!”  Have a wonderful trip!  Last night in bed, I was thinking about both Olivia’s trip, but also a trip for us in the fall!  Fun to think about.  I will try to get the “What’s App” thing working.  Tomorrow I am going up to Charlottesville to run errrands, and I plan  to stop at the Apple store, and  get some help.  Love,  me

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