Fear of Self

May 8, 2014

I recently had an enlightening conversation with a new-found friend and fellow writer. My friend, let’s call her Jo, writes professional blogs and articles, does press releases for various companies as a freelance writer, and is a ghostwriter. She’s successful.

What Jo doesn’t do, is write for herself. Not only that, but she told me that she’s afraid to write her thoughts, her emotions, and her own stories for publication. Jo’s no dummy and knows she could and probably should write for herself. So what’s holding her back?


Fear that her voice is not worthy. Fear that her words will mean nothing. Fear that she’ll be mocked. Fear of her own self. Fear of her power. Fear of  success.

I too, suffered from such fears. For me, I was afraid to speak up, so I wrote instead. After good hard living and a few slaps of snow in the face, I can happily say, I speak and write with no abandon. Do I get mocked and rejected? You bet. It’s part of the process just like it’s part of life. I’ve also come to realize that my words matter. Everyone’s do. If fear is holding you back, embrace it and strike forth anyway!


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