Someone Stole my Title

July 31, 2013

My latest manuscript has changed names four times. Yes, four freakin’ times. When I finally hit my favorite and received rave reviews from my writing community, wouldn’t you know it? A new book released by a famous author with MY title.


It happens. As writers we must persevere and keep searching for the Holy Grail of titles. It’s important. People will pick up a book because of its title. So, how do you do?


  • Make a list of characteristics that make your book unique. Is it funny? Fantastical? Dark? The title should reflect the book in some way.
  • Use your computer’s thesaurus to begin making a list of words that you associate with your book.
  • Carry a journal with you (or use your smart phone notes) to copy restaurant names, titles of other books, and articles you read.
  • Create a master list of ideas and highlight various words or phrases. When matched together, they may create a clever ring
  • Ask your critique group to vote on your top five and voila! You have yourself a title.


And in the unfortunate even that it’s stolen, cry. Then look at your list and start again. It will be even better.




One comment

  1. Hi Carrie
    I have found that the best titles come right from the book’s content. Find one word (or short phrase) that is a zinger…for example, instead of Soul Sunday, you could have called it Being Spiderman: A Family’s Guide to Exploring Faith…etc.) Find that word!
    (PS I also tell my clients all the time, the title won’t come until the last minute. You probably still have time. Best of success!)

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