End of the World

December 20, 2012

While individuals stock pile their basements with water, arsenal, and knock-off Hostess Twinkies afraid that tomorrow, 12-21-12, will bring the end of the world, the Mayans actually believed otherwise. They calculated that a new alignment of stars would usher in a new era.  With that in mind, let’s think of positive approaches and new possibilities for our community, our planet, and ourselves.

As a writer, I love the tradition my friends have this time of year. We choose a word to help keep us focused on our intentions. This year, my word is ‘BE’. I’m not going to focus on the end of the world, nor will I focus on the future of the world. I plan to BE. I hope to live every moment, in the moment and bring that focus and energy to my writing, to the people I love, and to myself.

Think about the Mayan date like they did, a dawn of a new time. It’s a perfect chance to choose a word and live it fully.



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