Character Sketch 101

November 8, 2012

From time to time, I blog about character development. I believe it is so crucial to writing, that I’m devoting the next three blogs to help create interesting characters.

Details about a character are important. Sometimes, authors get stuck. It can be a challenge developing details that don’t have to do with clothing and hair color. Character sketches provide questions to help writers think deeply about their darlings.

Below is one of my character sketches, but don’t limit yourself. Google a few more options and really think about what makes your characters tick. Remember, not all of it needs to be added to your work. As long as you know your character inside and out, that’s all that matters.

Character Sketch 

Carrie Brown-Wolf









Married? To Whom?



Where do they live?










-flavor of toothpaste


-ride at an amusement park



What makes them sad?

What can make them angry?

What emotion do they almost never show? Why?

What scares them?

One comment

  1. I like to do the same, but I use mind maps instead. They’re very fun. And soooo pretty ; )

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