What do you do when an agent wants to see more?

September 9, 2012

You query. You get lots of requests from agents who want to see more of your work. What to do?

First, congratulate yourself. Seriously. This doesn’t always happen. Even previously published authors can get turned down. So, if more than one agent comes sniffing at your door, pat yourself on the back. Something has gone right. It might be your query, it might be your first chapter, or it could be the whole dang package. Just celebrate.

Second, rank the agents that have asked for more of your work. Who is your number one choice? It’s important to realize that  you do have some say in the matter. Choose your top two agents and send them an email telling them you have other agents requesting material (but only say this if it is true, never lie). Hopefully, you’ll hear from the agents quickly and can set up a phone conversation. Prepare for the talk just like you would a professional interview. Make a list of questions and be ready to talk about yourself and your writing. The phone conversation can be telling. You’ll either hit it off, or you won’t. From there, you can make a decision and decide who you want to represent your work.

Sadly, the agents who’ve requested more information may say no. This happens. Don’t break every pencil in the house. You had a nibble, and that alone is worth something.

Keep at it. Keep at it. Keep at it.

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