Buying a Car

February 3, 2012

Recently, I bought a car. On my own. This might not be so significant for self-empowered women, but for me, it was. I’ve never walked through the process alone, and I won’t lie, the research, the financing, and the detailed decisions that I needed to make were daunting.  But in the end, it was an incredible feeling of empowerment.

It made me wonder, can the same feeling translate to the page? How can writers find the same sense of empowerment, especially when so much of the publishing process is out of our control?

Besides believing in your own little self, empowerment begins and continues with small steps. Start by creating a check list. Who doesn’t like to scratch items off a list with a fat, black Sharpie? Ask someone to read your work. It can hurt, but it builds a sense of improvement. Publish something for free. Seeing your name appear on a by-line will make you dance. Finally, to be really empowered, call yourself a writer. Claim it.

You are a writer.

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