Journals: what and how to journal

September 24, 2011

What do you write about in your journal? In order to answer my own question, I hunted

through my stash of old notebooks and discovered a plethora of ideas. Not only did I have traditional diaries with covers designed in pink polka dots and bursting flowers, but I had journals filled with odd organizational tips. Call me obsessive, but I found notebooks about the following subjects:

-personal musings


-ideas for writing

-character sketches

-Christmas ideas

-important dates (birthdays and the like)



-notes to my kids

-notes to my dad

-home improvements

-travel ideas

Be relieved to know that I’ve since consolidated. I now have one journal with tabs for most of my subjects. As a paper girl, I can’t completely convert to the keyboard, but I’m trying.

Journal writing can be used for almost any kind of organization. A journal gives you a place to write anywhere, anytime. As a certified writing geek, I even keep a journal in the glove compartment of my car. One never knows when the next Newberry or Pulitzer Prize idea will strike. My suggestion? Buy a journal, although just one. Organize with tabs. Write.

And write some more.


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