Writing Tip 101

June 1, 2011

Often, participants in my writing workshops ask for specific writing tips. I’m happy to offer such wisdom, if I’m able. I can’t always provide the answers that I know my students would love to hear “I promise you’ll be published” or “Don’t worry about cutting your work, it’s perfect just the way it is”. Heck, I’d like to hear that too! However, I can offer some suggestions.

Every few entries of Rock, Paper, Write, will be entitled Writing Tip 10something. Because this is the first, it’s Writing Tip 101.

Big Tip One: Write.

It’s simple. The difference between an amateur writer and a serious writer is just that. Write. Some writers think they can slide by and write only when they feel like it. Maybe their writing is so profound; the words fall to the page in perfection. I’ll bet my new pair of skis that’s never the case.

Writing is a practice. Like anything else, we need to write to improve. It doesn’t need to be profound. It doesn’t need to be good. It just needs to be. Certainly, writer’s block can happen, but it shouldn’t stop you from writing. Try these prompts to get you going.

-Write what you see from your desk

-Write about your breakfast

-Do you have a pet? A kid? Plenty of fuel there.

-Pick up a copy of Natalie Goldberg’s books with prompts. They’re great!

-Do you have a neighbor who’s pissed you off? Write down how you feel, it’s

more productive than egging their house.

-Write about your vacation

-Write about your toenail polish

-Write about your Grandmother’s purse. What was in there?

-Write about your first concert experience

-Write about anything your little heart desires

It doesn’t matter what you write, just write. Keep a folder, a computer file, or a journal for your musings. Who knows when they’ll come in handy, but for now, concentrate on your practice.

Write Away!


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