It is in the shelter of each other that people live. -Irish Proverb

April 27, 2009

It is in the shelter of each other that people live. -Irish Proverb

From what I recall, my history teacher taught us about the Irish and their rough go of it during the potato famine. So much so, they left their homeland. Great numbers of Irish moved to the USA and made claim by living together in large numbers. Starving and poor, they still had each other.  And, they recognized what a treasure being together brings to a family.

My family takes one vacation a year that does not involve work, friends or seeing more family. Every April after a long, busy winter drowned in snow, we escape to the sun. And every year, it gets just that much better.

For starters, it’s a teensy bit easier without a diaper bag. Or without retrieving sandy Oreos and soggy sandwiches from the sea. As my kids grow, travel becomes simpler on so many levels. Instead of feeling the need for a break from my kids, I look forward to spending time together to reconnect.

Each April, we stop the madness of our lives, find a remote beach with no tattoo contests, no banana boat rides (although, aren’t they fun?), no beach Olympics, and no drunks from New Jersey. Just waves, a bit of sand, and each other. In that one week of blissful togetherness, we remember who we are. We laugh and play. We live in our shelter and remember it all year long, often recreating what we found on the island into our daily lives. That’s worth writing a proverb.


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  1. Loving this. We were able to experience the reconnection in Mexico. A tradition is forming………

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