What’s in Your Heart?

April 20, 2009

As he thinks in his heart, so he is.

-Jewish Proverb

I began this blog six months ago and by now, my readership has grown. Hopefully. While some of you know me, many do not. In accordance with this Jewish proverb, plus a facebook game that tags you to tell 25 things about yourself, I’ve decided to post a few juicy tidbits about myself.

My heart includes the following twenty-five:

1. My three kids are the light of my life. So cliché, but true.

2. If I’m not writing, I’m skiing. Hopefully, with Dan.

3. I am a salt-aholic. Not only do I ask for it at Chinese restaurants, but request salt at fine dining establishments, just to annoy the chef.

4. I read three books at a time. I’m such a braggart.

5. My hair has golden highlights that my son calls zebra stripes. Want to rent a 9-year-old?

6. I secretly wish I were a singer in a rock and roll band. Or at least, wish I carried the rights to that song.

7. My oldest brother died in Japan at 6 weeks old. I never knew him. He would have been 11-years-older than me. My brother, Kirk, died of HIV in 1991. My parents are strong people.

8. I have one other brother and two sisters who live far, far away.

9. My dad taught me to be kind, think ahead, and to eat bread with thick butter and sugar on it.

10. My mom taught me to smile, look for the good, and to never throw anything out, including leftover coffee.

11. I dread wrinkles on my neck. No laugh lines there.

12. I lived with a Muslim family and married into a Jewish family. Neither is right and neither is wrong.

13. I like peanut butter, ketchup and bacon sandwiches. My grandmother taught me.

14. My prom picture is posted on Facebook. But I still like the guy.

15. This may kill my readership, but I don’t like dogs. Except for mine, and only sometimes.

16. My friends taught me to laugh, cry, and to hem pants with duct tape.

17. The worst date I ever had was with a virtual stranger at a Quiet Riot concert at the Air Force Academy. I told him my dorm at Colorado College had a curfew and ditched him.

18. Not only did I go to camp, but I was a camp counselor and loved every minute of it. Except for the meatloaf.

19. I liked high school better than college and much better than junior high.

20. I love to dance but am almost worse at it than singing. My friend gave me private lessons in her basement, just so I could make the high school girls’ chorus line my senior year. It worked. But, I still have two left feet.

21. The closest I’ve come to Hollywood is shaking Jamie Farr’s hand. That’s because he’s from Toledo, like me.

22. I grew up 15 miles from the flattest, recorded place on earth. Go figure, I was the only honors student at the school who wanted to be an Olympic skier instead of a doctor.

23. I sit in the back row of the movie theater.

24. Go Blue!

25. My book, Soul Sunday: A Family’s Guide to Exploring Faith and Teaching Tolerance is dedicated to my kids, with all my heart.

What’s in your heart?


  1. Wow, Carrie, I learned so much about you and myself reading your blog. We are on the same page on items #4-16-19-23-24, but as far as item # 15- I thought that everyone loves dogs (at least from Sylvania). Oh,well. My best friend is scared of them ,but he is still my best friend, so I guess I cannot hold that against him or you. You probably have not met the right dog. When I read # 8 ,I was really surprised… I always thought that it was just you and Betsy.Keep up with the great posts…I look forward to reading them in the morning. Kind of like reading my daily bread.

  2. Everyone loves TJ! Peanut butter, ketchup and bacon should never, never, ever be eaten together- gag!! How do you hem with duct tape?! That could really come in handy

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