Albert Einstein Plays Candyland

February 16, 2009

All knowledge of reality starts in experience and ends in it. Propositions arrived at by purely logical means are completely empty of reality.
-Albert Einstein

Phew. Because by the end of the day, I definitely have no means to think logically. Unless of course, you count killing my daughter at Candyland. If only.

My nephew is on a train hopping his way across Europe right now. While I wouldn’t trade landing on Goody Gumdrop Mountain for an Italian gelato, I can dream.

What an experience, people tell Peter. And it is. If nothing else, traveling provides us with experience. The experience can be grand and worldly, or not. I remember when my little ones were tiny and unable to nap without the roll of the wheels. I’d get in the car and drive to grand places, like Kremmling, Colorado. There’s not much in Kremmling, Colorado, but let me tell you, it gave me the experience I needed. A glance into a different life, an escape if even briefly, into small-town Colorado cowboy country, offered me a break from screaming, overly tired tots.

Traveling, if even in our minds, grants us the privilege of escape. The experience we gain can help us remember who we are and where we are going. If we are blessed with the means to fly to London, great. If not, traveling to the town next door provides an experience in its own right. Living life, rather than thinking of it through “purely logical means” does teach us to grow. Besides, who has the time to think logically anymore?

I’ll spend my time being sent back to the Peppermint Stick Forest.

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