Reap Pearls of Wisdom

February 11, 2009

Living at 10,000 feet (yes, there are 4, count ‘em 4, zeros on that number) has its challenges. Like snow on rose bushes.

Okay, so technically, I live at 9035 feet, but come on, call it close enough. Just don’t tell a local. They’ll think you’ve gone soft.

I grappled with what to call this blog. Confessions of a ski mom? How to earn publishing rejection letters? Spiritual matters for a new world?  Please, do roll your eyes.

Finally, my best friend slapped me upside down and said, “Write all of it…it’s your journey. Write what you know best.” So, snow and ice it is. Thank the Lord for friends.

In the future, my blog entries will begin with one of life’s pearls of wisdom.

Pearls. Really? What makes them so wise? Who came up with that? What does my life have to do with pearls? No one in this mountain town wears them. I can’t scuba-dive off a mountain to find one, and besides, how do you know if they’re real? So, my pearls of wisdom will henceforth be lovingly adorned with snowballs. Affordable, beautiful, one-of-a-kind snowballs. Besides, can pearls make an 18-wheeler flip on its back while rolling down a highway? Snow can.

My life’s journey began way back when. I know better than to say on a blog. It started in Toledo (home of the Mudhens), wound me round the world, and spit me out in Colorado. And here I write: children’s fiction, multicultural curriculum, morning pages, notes to my husband (someone needs to remind him to put away the kids’ laundry) and of course, letters to Mom and Dad. And, a book, shamelessly plugged here, Soul Sunday: A Family’s Guide to Exploring Faith and Teaching Tolerance . . . www.soulsunday.org.

I’m hoping a blog will reach loyal friends, family, colleagues, and a couple of unknowns looking for a few good laughs to lighten the load.

Plus, it will force me to find some snowballs of wisdom along the way.


  1. Okay . . . you are the first person I ever saw admitting to loving the smell of old books. Well, you did not say love but it was implied. I get the same olfactory enjoyment from old books as well. I assume because I used to pour over my parents old books and various letters. The other smell is old cancelled checks. Now I have said to much. Loved the post and your blog name — look forward to more.

  2. “It started in Toledo (home of the Mudhens), wound me round the world, and spit me out in Colorado.” –love that line. It obviously resonates with me. Although I don’t think my life if quite done “winding me around the world. . . .”

  3. Peanut Butter and Pickles, together? Even when you’re not pregnant? Love the post. You love extremes- New York City and small town Colorado. Very diversified. I liked New York for 3 days then it was time to get back home. Too many people and too busy. Sylvania is a little more my speed. I will have to look at your book too. The title sounds very interesting.

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